Wedding Paintings

             Interested in a live wedding painting? Let's talk! 

A few things to note...

  • First and probably most importantly, I do not guarantee a finished product at the end of the night of the event. Of course paintings done on smaller canvas sizes will look more complete by the end of the night as compared to the larger ones.

  •  I arrive 2 hours prior to get started on the background and focus on the bride and groom during the event. I usually mark in where I want to put figures. I only do the faces of the bride and groom in detail. The other figures are done more abstractly.

  • I typically spend a few weeks refining and adding details based on photos I take at the event. The end result will be a beautiful painting in my unique style. :)

  • Lastly, it doesn't HAVE to be live! If you can provide photos, then I can piece a painting together for you. Or re-create your favorite engagement/bridal portrait. Let's hear your ideas!

For more information SEE LINK BELOW:

End of event night compared to completed painting:


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